I use to drink a lot more coffee than I do these days. I would easily consume 2 or more Starbucks Venti coffees before Noon and then enjoy espresso shots in the afternoon. As you can imagine, I wouldn’t sleep very well at night, often needing a glass or two of red wine to relax, then I’d jump right back on the crazy train the next day. This was my routine for many years of my career. It served me well as I managed company growth, teams, projects and technology around the clock. However, a couple years back, I finally decided to break this caffeine intake habit of mine. I gradually cut back and changed things up. I now order a Venti Americano (two shots of espresso and hot water) every morning and then drink tea throughout the rest of the day. I find that tea is much more soothing and still has caffeine which helps me keep my mind sharp, active and alert. I sip many tea varieties and I also prepare custom blends which I brew with a tea set in my office. Its a nice change and much healthier. I feel better, sleep better, and yes… I still drink the occasional glass or two of red wine.

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